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Good Governance in Cybersecurity (FR)



Cyberspace permeates the work of States and the everyday life of citizens, and actors across the security sector are constantly called upon to address emerging challenges such as cybercrime and cyber-attacks. However, in the absence of specific international norms and good practices in cyberspace and the lack of effective oversight, there is an increased risk that security and justice institutions may infringe upon human rights and the rule of law without being held accountable for their actions. The response of these institutions to cyberspace thus needs to be not only effective but incorporate all elements of good security sector governance.


With French government funding, DCAF thus developed a Guide pour la bonne gouvernance de la cybersécurité for the new cyber training school that will open in Dakar in 2020 (Ecole nationale en cybersécurité à vocation régionale). The guide provides an overview over international norms and good practices that are relevant for security sector actors in their work in and on cyberspace, and concrete steps by which they can be implemented, particularly with regards to legislation and national strategies. It also contains numerous practical cases from across Africa and beyond.