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Creating a safer environment for sustainable development
"DCAF is a longstanding partner of the Swiss Armed Forces and provided valuable expertise, training and support to a series of our projects in the field of peace support."
Lieutenant General Thomas Süssli,
Chief of the Armed Forces, Switzerland
Driving innovation in policy and practice
"DCAF’s intellectual footprint has stimulated wide ranging dialogues, including at the United Nations, in order to advance the broader peacebuilding and conflict prevention agenda. This has greatly contributed to multilateral policy development and to establishing sound international practices in their field of security sector reform."
Tatiana Valovaya,
Director-General of the United Nations at Geneva
Promoting good governance of the security sector
"The ICRC commends DCAF’s capacity to mobilize stakeholders around responsible security practices. This is a true value add in these times when governments struggle to find agreements on new rules and regulations in response to an unorderly world."
Peter Maurer, President,
International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
Strengthening global support for better security sector reform
"DCAF’s work created a considerable difference as it fostered an exchange among national, regional and international actors around the future of the security and justice sector and helped raise awareness of lessons and experiences of democratic governance of security forces."
Commander Abebe Muluneh,
Director of Security Sector Program,
Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD)
Promoting gender equality for inclusive security
"We need organizations like DCAF to support dialogue and debate among national stakeholders, to encourage the development of creative options, and to inform those discussions with comparative experience from other contexts."
Martin Griffiths,
United Nations Special Envoy for Yemen
THANK YOU to our generous friends and partners who have made DCAF's work possible over the years.

20 years of DCAF

In 2000, at a ceremony in Geneva, the President of the Swiss Confederation, Adolf Ogi, and founding Director of DCAF, Dr. Theodor Winkler, signed our Founding Act. Twenty-two states and the Canton of Geneva joined Switzerland in forming DCAF’s first Foundation Council. 

In the 20 years since, DCAF has become a globally recognized and respected ‘think and do tank’, providing expertise to security sector reform and governance initiatives in more than 80 countries. Our Foundation Council now has 63 member states, and we have more than 200 staff working in Geneva and 13 field offices on four continents. 

This year we celebrate these 20 years of innovation in policy and practice. 20 years of strengthening support for good governance. 20 years of helping to lay the foundation for peace and sustainable development. 

Read our Director's message.


Advise. Promote. Reform.

Over our first 20 years the concept of security sector governance and reform has matured into a more expansive vision that includes not just security forces and their institutions, but parliamentarians, civil society organizations, and the media. DCAF now works with all these stakeholders, creating original knowledge products, promoting norms and good practices, providing policy advice, and supporting capacity building.

Our Member States and field offices