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14th Young Faces Conference: Cyber Security Winter School



The 2014 programme develops participants’ understanding of cybersecurity challenges and cybersecurity governance, from technological and security aspects to analysis of international and political dimensions. The programme addresses national and global cybersecurity policy issues; it also addresses the role of policy-makers and international actors and review relevant national, regional and global best practices and policy frameworks.

Throughout the programme participants strengthen their monitoring and analysis skills and use them to develop recommendations for improving cybersecurity governance in the region.

The Winter School is co-organised by DCAF and DiploFoundation and co-funded by DCAF and the Swiss Ministry of Defence.

Project Activities

This year’s programme is comprised an online classroom preparatory phase and one workshop, which took place in Petnica, Serbia in December 2014.

Prior to the workshop, participants were actively engaged in a six-week online preparatory phase, during which they read and commented on relevant articles and engaged in structured chat sessions.  

In Petnica, 27 young public officials, corporate sector representatives, graduate students, and members of civil society from the Western Balkans and Moldova came together to participate in a Cybersecurity Winter School from 01 to 05 December 2014. During the workshop, participants learned about and critically discussed technical, legal and political aspects of cybersecurity, such as protection of critical infrastructure, cybercrime and cyber-conflicts. 

Participants are drafting policy briefs, applying knowledge gained through the workshop to propose practical recommendations for addressing cybersecurity issues, the best of which will be published on the DCAF website in early 2015.