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Western Balkans: Gender and SSR

In late 2009 DCAF began a dedicated, long term project to support the integration of gender into security sector institutions and processes in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).  The first phase sought to establish baseline information on the status of gender mainstreaming in the security sectors in Serbia and BiH.  Based on the assessment in BiH, DCAF, in cooperation with local partner, the Atlantic Initiative, launched the Gender and Justice Reform Project in late 2011.

The Gender and Justice Reform Project is a multi-year project implemented by DCAF and the Atlantic Initiative, and funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The project aims to increase the capacities of judges and prosecutors to more effectively integrate gender into their procedures and practices and deliver non-discriminatory justice services. The project also seeks to strengthen the role of women in the justice sector, particularly at the decision-making level. Project activities are intended to re­sult in concrete outputs such as resources and research, as well as developmental outcomes like the creation of change agents in BiH, whether individual or organizational. To that end, the project seeks to provide support, technical assistance and capacity building opportuni­ties to interlocutors, while simultaneously seeking their leadership, direction and expertise throughout the design and implementation of activities.