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Western Balkans: Gender and SSR

Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project entitled, “Gender and Justice: Toward a Fair and Impartial Judiciary,” officially started 1 April 2015 and will continue until 31 July 2017. The project is implemented by DCAF and local partner, the Atlantic Initiative (AI), a security and justice research institute. The project is jointly funded by the Royal Norwegian Embassy to BiH and Sweden and is made up of four complementary thematic components:

  1. Gender Trainer Development
  2. Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment Policy Implementation
  3. Domestic Violence Benchbook Institutionalization
  4. Gender Bias Curriculum Development

The Gender and Justice Project identifies gender inequality as a root cause of domestic violence (DV), sexual and gender-based harassment (SGBH) and gender bias (GB). Thus, systemic and pervasive gender inequality can and does manifest in poor legal practices in response to DV, workplace environments with SGBH and an overall framework of unchecked gender bias that contributes to a lack of judicial impartiality and the provision of discriminatory justice services. The project aims to promote gender equality by addressing the individual attitudes and practices of judges in regards to DV, SGBH and GB through training and education; and promote gender equality within the institution of the judiciary by facilitating the development and implementation of policies, procedures and guidelines on DV, SGBH and GB.