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Strengthening Intelligence Oversight in the Western Balkans

DCAF is currently undertaking a two year project on strengthening intelligence oversight in the Western Balkans. The project focuses on oversight by parliamentary committees and autonomous bodies such as ombuds institutions, supreme audit institutions, data protection commissions and inspectors general.  While focussing on these oversight bodies, the project also  engages with other key stakeholders including civil society organisations, government ministries, and intelligence services.

The project aims at supporting “second generation” reforms, including:

  • Increasing the ability of parliamentary and non-parliamentary oversight bodies to make full use of their legal mandates and powers
  • Enhancing the capacity of oversight bodies to scrutinise specific aspects of intelligence services’ work, including: the use of personal data, information collection, intelligence sharing, the handling of complaints, and finances
  • Developing links between statutory oversight bodies and civil society organisations   
  • Fostering greater transparency of intelligence oversight processes
  • Improving regional cooperation between oversight bodies to facilitate exchanges of knowledge

In the pursuit of these aims, the project includes the following activities and outputs:

  • Policy-orientated field research conducted by national experts
  • Developing a set of generic guidance notes (or “toolkit”) on intelligence oversight
  • Workshops and conferences
  • Translation of relevant publications and international standards into regional languages

This project is supported by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.