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Media and Security Sector Governance

In established democracies the media are instrumental in revealing human rights violations and cases of mismanagement in the governance of the security sector. They informally oversee the security sector, hold it accountable, and complement the work of official oversight institutions. Free media, with a legal right to access to information, are essential for an informed public debate on security, and the functioning of a democratic state.
DCAF supports the oversight role of Palestinian media in the security sector and assisted in developing civil-democratic legal frameworks for the media. It supports the legislative and capacity-development of Palestinian media, including social media, through training of journalists, networking and transparency initiatives.

Key activities

  • In 2010, DCAF launched the Palestinian security sector observatory website Marsad (www.marsad.info), which publishes news items, analyses and reports relevant to Palestinian security sector reform. Marsad is used by journalists, citizens and researchers throughout the region and helps increase transparency in Palestinian security sector governance.
  • DCAF developed a media training toolkit on security sector governance entitled The Role of the Media in Security Sector Governance: A Toolkit for Trainers.
  • DCAF held the first training course on media and security sector governance for Palestinian journalists. 25 journalists in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip were trained on best practice of media oversight in the security sector.
  • In parallel with DCAF’s work on strengthening citizens’ complaints mechanisms at the government level, DCAF assisted a media organisation (Wattan TV) to develop and broadcast a television series called ‘Ashkilamen’ (‘To whom shall I complain?’).
  • DCAF supported Wattan TV in producing two investigative reports related to Palestinian security sector governance.


  • Palestinian Center for Development & Media Freedoms (MADA)
  • Wattan TV
  • AMIN Media Network (AMIN)
  • Maan News Agency (Maan)


  • Journalists in Palestine are better equipped to investigate, question and debate security issues
  • As a result of the programme Ashkilamen, citizens began approaching Wattan TV to have their cases exposed in the media and solved by the authorities


  • DCAF will support the establishment of investigative units at two Palestinian media outlets with a Rule of Law focus.
  • DCAF will design and deliver training modules for Palestinian social media activists and bloggers to become citizen journalists on security and Rule of Law issues.