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Horizon 2015

Horizon 2015 was initiated in order to mark DCAF's tenth anniversary in 2010. This project brings together relevant state and non-state actors for a series of thematic roundtables. Each roundtable is designed to inform a subsequent working paper. These working papers provide a short introduction to the issue, before going on to examine theoretical and practical questions related to transparency oversight, accountability and democratic governance more generally. The papers, of course, do not seek to solve the issues they address but rather to provide a platform for further work and enquiry. As such, they ask many more questions than they answer. In addition to these working papers, the project has published an occasional paper - Trends and Challenges in International Security: An Inventory - that seeks to describe the current security landscape and provide a background to the project's work as a whole.


Horizon 2015 Working Papers Available:

On Cyberwarfare

International Coherence in Security Sector Reform

Armed Non-State Actors: Current Trends & Future Challenges

Cyber Security: The Road Ahead

Private Military & Security Companies: Future Challenges in Security Governance

Public Private Cooperation: Challenges and Opportunities in Security Governance

Democratic Governance Challenges of Cyber Security


Occasional Paper on Horizon 2015

Trends and Challenges in International Security