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Gender and Security

In order to be accountable, participatory and efficient, a security sector needs to respond to the specific needs of men, women, girls and boys. DCAF works on gender and good security sector governance in Palestine.  Its work is based on Palestinian requests to enhance the involvement of women in security sector reform and address the specific security needs of women and men when developing policies, strategies, legislation and budgets.

Key activities

  • DCAF conducted a survey of women’s perceptions of personal security. This highlighted a number of institutional, legal, political, social and cultural factors contributing to feelings of insecurity and vulnerability of many Palestinian women.
  • Along with the PCSSS, DCAF conducted a gender assessment of the security forces and implemented a variety of consultation and capacity building activities.
  • In collaboration with the WCLAC, DCAF established a taskforce to analyse the legal framework for the security of women and girls. DCAF and WCLAC also jointly published a number of working papers based on the taskforce findings.
  • DCAF supported gender mainstreaming in the Palestinian security forces, including the National Security Forces (NSF), the Civil Defence and the intelligence agencies. DCAF provided assistance to the development and implementation of action plans for gender mainstreaming and capacity-building of gender units in these forces.
  • In cooperation with Human Rights and Democracy Media Centre (SHAMS), DCAF conducted several workshops and consultations with local communities in three governorates. The findings of these activities were integrated in local community safety plans.  
  • DCAF translated its Gender and Security Sector Reform Toolkit and its Gender Self-Assessment Guide for the Police, Armed Forces and Justice Sector into Arabic.


  • Ministry of Woman’s Affairs (MOWA)
  • The Palestinian Centre for Security Sector Studies (PCSSS)
  • The Woman’s Centre for Legal Aid and Counselling (WCLAC)
  • Human Rights and Democracy Media Centre (SHAMS)


  • The targeted gender units have the tools and capacity to promote the rights of female security sector staff
  • DCAF’s support resulted in the creation of the Gender Consultative Committee (GCC), which centralises all efforts to integrate gender in the Palestinian Authority and its security forces


  • Give the GCC the tools and capacity to make Palestinian security forces more inclusive and gender sensitive
  • Assist the Civil Defence’s Gender Unit implement its Gender Action Plan. This implementation will include developing a comprehensive code of conduct for addressing gender issues