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Developing a Modern Military Justice System

Since 2009, DCAF assists the Palestinian Authority (PA) in reforming its Military Justice System.  In coordination with public authorities and civil society, it helps the PA to establish a modern legal framework for military justice in line with international standards and best practices.

DCAF works with the Council of Ministers, Palestinian Legislative Council, High Judicial Council, the Military Judiciary, security providers and civil society to identify political and legal recommendation in order to reform and improve the Palestinian military justice system.

Key activities

  • On request of the Military Judiciary and under the patronage of the Palestinian President, DCAF was responsible for examining ways to reform and modernise the Military Justice system.
  • DCAF helped identify practical recommendations for reforming Military Justice System through working group sessions and consultation meetings.
  • DCAF sought citizens’ input on a new Military Justice law through public consultation meetings
  • DCAF published a toolkit for law makers in the domain of Military Justice. It provides them with norms and standards, guidebooks as well as practical examples of model laws
  • DCAF documented the findings identified during the consultations process made before drafting the law and also practical recommendations based on these findings
  • Thanks to DCAF, a draft law was written with the assistance of legal experts and has been submitted to the Office of the President 


  • Council of Ministers
  • Palestinian Legislative Council
  • Military Justice Authority
  • High Judicial Council
  • The Palestinian Centre for Strategic Studies and Researches (PCSSR)


  • A new Military Justice Law was submitted to the Palestinian President and is currently being reviewed.
  • DCAF published a Summary Report and Recommendations which documents the findings of the consultations process and makes recommendations for the development of the Palestinian Military Justice system.
  • DCAF published a toolkit explaining and guiding the process of legislating for the Military Justice and providing example of Military Justice Laws in both English and Arabic.


  • DCAF is planning to continue assisting the government in review and evaluation activities.
  • DCAF will continue to provide its support in organising public consultations and workshops on the topic, and also providing the necessary expertise for the authorities involved in reviewing and drafting the new law.
  • DCAF and the Council of Ministers will develop a code of conduct for staff working in complaints units in the security sector.