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DCAF PfP Programmes funded by the DDPS (SIPOL)

The Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) implements Partnership for Peace (PfP) programmes on mandates of and funded by SIPOL DDPS. In 2013, DCAF’s PfP programmes focused on:

  • Democratic governance of the Defence and Security Sector, including stipulations of the Partnership Action Plan for Defence Institution Building (PAP-DIB)
  • Democratic Oversight (especially parliamentary oversight)
  • Transparency and Accountability, including Capacity Building for Civil Society and the Media
  • Fighting Corruption and Building Integrity (along with programmes mandated by the NATO BI Trust Fund)
  • Teaching gender to the Military, including Management of the SSR Working Group within the Consortium of Defence Academies and Security Policy Institutes.
  • Supporting the NATO Committee on Gender Perspectives, the Special Representative of the Secretary General for Women, Peace and Security and other NATO services with subject matter expertise, review, contribution and participation to seminars, panels and conferences, and facilitation of activities.

SIPOL funding has also facilitated the translation of various security governance knowledge products, developed by a range of DCAF departments, to assist programming at national and regional levels.

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