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DCAF Brussels

Pursuant to DCAF's Strategy Paper, DCAF Brussels was established in September 2005 to enhance cooperation with the EU and the Brussels-based international community, underlining the key role of these institutions in promoting democratic governance of the security sector. As an association sans but lucratif (ASBL), DCAF Brussels is a legally and financially independent actor under Belgian law.

The key mission of DCAF Brussels is to provide a platform for deepening DCAF's cooperation with the EU and the international community. DCAF Brussels is intended to fulfil three principal objectives: to promote the SSR and SSG concepts within the Brussels community; to establish DCAF's input into the development of EU policy in these areas; and to provide research and advice on SSR/G, in particular on oversight and accountability, to the European institutions. As such, DCAF has briefed committees of the European Parliament and produced commissioned papers on SSR.

DCAF Brussels also manages ongoing series of papers on Crisis Management as well as Migration and the Security Sector. This range of papers began in 2011 and initially investigated crisis management in the EU institutions, in three papers in cooperation with ISIS Europe: Security Sector Reform Missions under CSDP: Addressing Current Needs; The politics of EU civilian interventions and the strategic deficit of CSDP and International Peace Mediation: A new crossroads for the European Union. The series now continues with other partners, in a broader spectrum of analysis - investigating global conceptualisations of crisis management and international responses to current crises and development of security systems and human security. This includes: NATO Missile Defence : Political and Budgetary Implications - Proceedings of the joint NATO NPA and European Parliament seminar; and an analysis on The EU’s Comprehensive Approach to Crisis Management.

A next range of publications - Migration and the Security Sector Paper Series – commenced in 2013 and will investigate and analyse security sector aspects of migration, asylum and trafficking in human beings. It began with Migration and Security in the Eastern Mediterranean and followed with  the paper Human Trafficking, Border Security and Related Corruption in the EU. The Migration Series will continue this year and into 2014 with upcoming papers on: Security Sector Reform and the migration, asylum and counter-THB sector in Europe; Ukraine and trafficking in human beings; and an analysis on forced labour and migration.



      Crisis Management Series