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DCAF Activities in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of DCAF's founding members.

DCAF's programmes have assisted Ukraine's democratisation process since 2001 with workshops, training and documentation focusing on parliamentary, civil society and security institution capacity building on democratic security governance issues.

For the tenth consecutive year, DCAF is able to continue its democratic oversight capacity building programme in Ukraine. In 2011, thanks to the support of the Swiss Federal Department of Defence, a number of capacity building events could take place within the framework of the NATO-Ukraine Joint Working Group for Defence Reform (JWGDR). All events were held in collaboration with the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence, the Intelligence Service (SBU), the Academy of Defence and the Partnership Network.  

DCAF’s “Expert Twinning” programme, which trains groups of ministry staff since 2006, focuses on questions of civil-military interaction, the planning of the resource management as well as the structural adjustment and improvement of the organizational process of the strategic defence management.

The development programme with the Defence Academy on Partnership Action Plan Defence Institution Building (PAP-DIB) focuses mainly on the public perception of the security services in the fields of defence and security, on which several studies and trainings were conducted. To support this, the DCAF-UNDP Handbook on the Role of Civil Society in Security Sector Reform was translated into Russian.

DCAF provides conceptual and logistical support for NATO’s ‘Partnership Network’, a programme that aims to include civil society in the discussion on NATO membership and security sector reform. Within the programme, DCAF contributes to the development of studies and the organization of seminars, focusing on the collection and translation of ‘model laws’ from EU countries that were presented to the parliament as well as the publication of the updated security sector legislation.

Furthermore, DCAF was able to hold several events for parliamentarians, amongst which an international conference on the politisation of security institutions, a prevailing issue in Ukraine.

Further key focus areas, in response to priority issues identified by Ukrainian stakeholders, are parliamentary oversight and monitoring tools, as well as institutional reforms in the defence, intelligence and law enforcement agencies.