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Comparative analysis of SSR-related evaluations

Completed Project

This project has taken an important first step towards increasing the ability of the international community to learn from support to national SSR processes. First, it has identified over 100 SSR-related evaluation reports undertaken by different international actors, covering various regions, and addressing different aspects of SSR. These evaluations will soon be made accessible online to provide a source of information for SSR practitioners and researchers working on related topics or countries of interest. Second, the comparative analysis of the evaluations has identified a number of lessons regarding international actors’ approaches to evaluation and served as a basis for the development of recommendations for enhancing the design and methodological rigour of SSR-related evaluations. Finally, this project has provided the empirical basis for two follow-up projects which aim at identifying and reconstructing the theories of change inherent in a sub-sample of evaluations and at distilling and comparing lessons across different areas of SSR.

This project was conducted with the support of a research grant provided by the Folke Bernadotte Academy (FBA).

The forthcoming report of this project as well as the database of SSR-related evaluations will soon be uploaded to this web page.