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Assistance Programme: Lebanese Security Sector Reform

Lebanon joined the DCAF Foundation Council in spring 2007 as the first Arab country. DCAF assists Lebanon in developing effective and efficient security and justice providers, that:

  • deliver security to the Lebanese people in a transparent manner and line with their security needs;
  • are properly overseen and controlled by the Lebanese parliament and government;
  • are fully accountable to the Lebanese people and their elected leaders.

To this effect, DCAF works with four target groups:

  • Parliament and its committees
  • Government
  • Civil society
  • Armed, police and security forces

In support of its long-term assistance programme to Lebanese security sector reform (SSR), DCAF maintains a regional office in Beirut. DCAF provides its partners with comparative and policy advice and reserach, promotes inclusive approaches and processes to Lebanese SSR and conducts various capacity building programmes.